FamilyBook – Windows software to store and share your family history and reminiscences. Unlike other ways of recording genealogical information FamilyBook is not just a database of dry information – it provides tools to document the most interesting characters, events and stories and link these back to the database.


Using FamilyBook to pass on your knowledge, anecdotes and family lore

Share your family history – the stories, certificates, photo albums, videos and family artefacts. Identify those in photos and videos and see all the places they have lived and what those places look like now. Build family trees and much much more.

FamilyBook is my way of sharing family information using a fully linked database which is completely free to use, isn’t dependent on any particular web provider and keeps all your information entirely private and not accessible to anyone else. Everyone in your family is able to contribute or you can elect to have one just one editor if you wish.

This web site is a quick introduction to FamilyBook and an on-line guide describing how to use it.

Click on ‘What information is in FamilyBook?’ to understand the types of information stored. This describes the structure, cross referencing and browsing tools available.

‘Guided tour’ shows how to navigate through the information available using example screens. Use this tour if you want a comprehensive understanding of how your family’s information can be viewed. This section also includes a section on ‘Hints and Tips’ on using FamilyBook.

Click on ‘I want to know more’ to hear how this project has come about it has come about and what to do if you like what you see and would like set up your own FamilyBook.

Click here to view example web maps application.

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